Notice on booth ID and live broadcast time of the 127th Online Canton Fair
Our company will participate in the 127th Canton Fair live broadcast from June 15, 2020

How do motorway warning signs put? Police to demonstrate
Welcome back. Driving on the highway, in case of an emergency, you will need to put a triangle warning sign behind the car, but how can this warning card is correct?

County highway bureau let road sign no longer "injured"
The reason for the improvement of the highway signboard is to benefit from a small innovation in the traffic management department of the county highway office.

Scenario warning signs can not become illegal warning signs
Recently, there are many tourists in the area of Marco Polo Bridge. There are tourists regardless of the "ban on climbing, offenders fine" of the card, have to climb to the sculpture posed for pictures, copper camel who has been grinding light. (April 21, 2017 "Beijing Morning News")

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