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County highway bureau let road sign no longer "injured"
Date:2017/4/26 16:28:40
A change for a national road to save 60,000 yuan annual fee maintenance

Recently, the driver Lao Chen found that 318 national road signs on the neatly a lot of neat signs. Lao Chen is the transport of large seedlings of the driver, every day from the Si'an, Jiaxing and other places. Lao Chen said that because of the high seedlings, often scratching to the road signs, many road signs so curly, flanging, damage. But recently, he found that the signs of damage to the phenomenon has been a lot better.

The reason for the improvement of the highway signboard is to benefit from a small innovation in the traffic management department of the county highway office.

Traffic facilities management section deputy chief Zhu Chunhua told reporters, 318 State Road, Changxing section and 104 National Road section of the signs are often scratched, seriously affect the highway signs visual recognition, bringing great security risks, highway signs daily maintenance costs are high , Difficult, limited funds, which makes the staff is a headache.

Last year, the county highway traffic control management system through the row of research, and the design unit to discuss the study several times, the calculation does not affect the safety, and meet the road traffic signs marking national standards and related norms under the premise of the 318 National Road and 104 National Road, Li Road, crossing the road side of the F pole signs cantilever bar structure to conduct a comprehensive improvement to achieve the sign hanging and cross arm diagonal, the bottom of the sign and cross arm bar parallel to the lateral arm plus a slash or half The circle is flush with the outside of the sign. Thereby reducing the degree of damage to the logo scratches, to improve the identification of the card was rubbed rubbing curl, flanging situation. From the beginning of last year has been on the 318 National Road and County Road, part of the three signs of the pilot line, the effect is very obvious.

Today, the signs of the Changxing section of the 318 country have been effectively improved by scraping, ensuring the integrity of the mark, enhancing the image of the road, reducing the incidence of accidents, and reducing the daily maintenance costs. It is reported that this small change each year to help Changxing 318 State Road transit section to save maintenance funding of 60,000 yuan, Zhu Chunhua said that the future, the county highway will be further row of touch, and gradually to the results of other counties to promote.

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