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Scenario warning signs can not become illegal warning signs
Date:2017/4/26 16:18:12
Recently, there are many tourists in the area of Marco Polo Bridge. There are tourists regardless of the "ban on climbing, offenders fine" of the card, have to climb to the sculpture posed for pictures, copper camel who has been grinding light. (April 21, 2017 "Beijing Morning News")

This is the more "ban on climbing" place, climbing the more commonplace, there was a "light under the black." Similar to the "prohibited litter" brand below the rubbish floor, "not allowed to take pictures," the brand next to the flash flashing non-stop, "no painting" place "so and so a tour" graffiti abound, "Forbidden to touch," the cultural relics have been sensual shine ... ... the so-called "forbidden" has become a "ban", visitors go their own way, turn a blind eye.

Scenic spots "forbidden" content is generally the basic requirements of tourists, but also tourists should have their own literacy. But why do tourists turn a deaf ear to the various rules? This is like "Chinese-style crossing the road", people have become a habit, "Minato a group of people you can go together, and traffic lights have nothing to do." Among them, both the quality of the problem, but also the management of the problem. Some people ignore the provisions of blatant violations, to the management difficulties; lax management, punishment is not in place, letting more people violate. Resulting in a vicious circle. In the individual's quality has yet to be improved, all kinds of management also need to regulate and improve the case, the above phenomenon is also not surprising.

Of course, we can not ignore a psychological implied problem. "Forbidden" brand is very conspicuous, it is clear that some things can not do. But are not things that really can not be done? If the brand to the brand, the following things are strictly prohibited under the brand or a lot of people doing, and no one to interfere, it is nothing but also hinted at people, these things can be done. "Prohibited to climb, offenders fine" warning signs have become a prompt card: we are used to climb here, you may wish to try!

I have an experience, if a place is very clean ground, the author is not just throwing garbage. Because a very clean place contains a lot of information, such as: the quality of this place is very high, the management of this place is very strict, the local cleaners are very responsible, and so on. As their own terms, "quality" naturally can not be low.

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